Thursday 24 December 2015

Search Engine Optimization: It’s Time You Optimize For Mobile Or Get Lost

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There are many avenues you can choose to generate traffic and conversion for your band. However, know that more than 15% of online traffic comes from mobile.

Why mobile optimization is important?
Besides the fact that 15% of online search traffic comes through mobile, Google has actually started deprioritizing websites as well as blogs that are not mobile optimized. That means if your site is not mobile optimized, it will dwindle your website’s search rankings when someone searches through his or her mobile device. And many do search through their mobiles than desktops or laptops especially when they’re travelling and hanging out.
Increasing mobile users
2012 witnessed the number of worldwide internet users grow by 8% to 2.4 billion users. More interesting was the increased number of mobile users- 1.5 billion global subscribers, a hike from 1.1 billion in 2011. This is an impressive 30% growth.

More and more people are using smartphones with every passing year. According to eMarketer, number of smartphone users globally will surpass 2 billion. This foretells the huge smartphone rate potential. And it is obvious that at this rate, most number of people will be browsing most of the time through their mobiles.

Mobile users are more action-oriented

Cosmos Star Consultants in an online marketing company UAE providing SEO Dubai services. It brings to our notice a vital insight-

It often happens that you have done everything required to optimize your content for web. However, you don’t see improved traffic on your website still. You don’t see growing numbers of people searching and reading content online. Many a times the reason is common yet forgotten- website not mobile optimized. You see, mobile users are more action-oriented than the desktop counterparts. If you want action to happen, it 

happens more on mobile!

Tuesday 17 November 2015

E-Commerce SEO Tips for 2016: Gather Your Wits Now!

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E-commerce is a billion dollar market. However, being a large money market, it becomes more difficult to outshine the competitors and be seen. How to be seen on search? Using SEO. But are your SEO efforts giving any output? Maybe, maybe not. This article is for everyone who want to enhance profits for their e-commerce businesses using Search Engine Optimization.

 #Tip 1- Know That SEO Impact Starts With URL and Website Information Structure

SEO Dubai is a highly competitive keyword. However, it is important to know that many SEO consultants are contacted far later in the website development process. Now this detrimental for an effective SEO outcome as content is created. Product or service catalogue is imported. Search engines or robots have indexed your website. Prospective customers are arriving and witnessing the internal structure; which can be a mess from an SEO standpoint.

Hence, it frustrates many SEO consultants, forcing clients to undergo an entire website makeover. Therefore, don’t forget to get all things right from the start before launching your website.

#Tip 2- Get all your teams working together

Ensure that your website designer, SEO specialist, and information architect work together from the start. This will lead to no frill execution where everything is planned to give an effective, better-optimized website which the prospective buyers can easily use.

#Tip 3- How to deal with duplicate content?

Some effective tips to eliminate duplicate content:
  • Use robots.txt to block areas that encourage duplicate content creation like archives, tags and certain category pages.
  • You can add nofollow attributes to links that point to areas of duplicate content. However, ensure you find each link that requires a nofollow (otherwise Google will find those).
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Tuesday 20 October 2015


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You may not have taken up online advertising for your brand or business promotion yet, but here are 2 key reasons to implore you to do so. The 2 reasons are as follows-

1.    Insight
Online advertising Dubai report reveals a vital statistic that online ads tell you which kind of ads got you the most number of leads. Online advertising tells you where there are large number of buyers to buy your product based on which ad brought you more leads. So for instance, the ad in Mumbai got your more leads than Delhi, you know where your audience is. In this way you are able to identify optimal channels for your brand. You are able to communicate with your target consumers with the right ad copy streamed across the right ad locations. In simple terms, you raise from a position where you have no data to loads of data to streamline effective decision making. 

2. Targeting

Online advertising Dubai report also reveals another remarkable atom that marketers can collaborate to build their object- “The Sales Machine.”

The atom is targeting. Online advertising helps you to understand the profile of your target customer clearly. Online advertising enhances the probability of you targeting and retargeting ideal customers. As a result you don’t waste all that money and time focusing on irrelevant customers who are not going to buy your product or avail your service. Once you know what your customers look like, you will know just who to target and where to find all similar users online, making sure you keep them engaged through your online marketing strategies and they keep you engaged with regular sales!

Sunday 6 September 2015

Effective Link-Building Schemes To Boost Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

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In search engine optimization (SEO), do you know what a marketer’s most potent asset is? It is the inbound links. Off-page SEO undeniably accounts for a prominent role in boosting a web page’s rank for a specific keyword. Building relevant links to be channelled from external authoritative sites, must be a part of your SEO strategy. So let’s look at some key effective link-building schemes to boost your off-page search engine optimization outcomes.

Link-building schemes to boost Off-Page SEO:

Submission to authoritative website directories-

You have complete control over this particular link-building tactic, also mentioning its least influence when it comes to overall off-page search engine optimization. However, getting inbound links from sites that are highly authoritative is the first step towards jumpstarting your link-building efforts. Also the free websites make this tactic a go-getter.

Link bait content-

This refers to your ability to create remarkable content that influences others to willingly “link” with you. Now some label this with the term ‘link bait’ which simply means that your content is only there to attract attention and encourage users to link to your website. This is not at all the case. And if your content is naturally awesome and provides value to your target audience, why would you not want them to link to it? In fact great “link bait content” are often shared a lot, including various types of content like facts, infographics, viral videos, and controversial content.

Link building is “networking” -

Networking and relationship-building takes time. Here’s an effective trick. Start building relationships with relevant and influential bloggers in your industry who have authoritative and relevant websites through tweets. Engage them in “little link loves” by linking your blog to their content. Gradually, they will also link back to you when they find your content relevant to their audience!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Top Free Search engine Optimization Tools for On-Page Optimization

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Dubai consists of surplus of companies serving various purposes and competing with each other in various fields. Getting greater visibility online for a brand has become the top priority for owners and marketers considering significant user base spending their time online. There are many SEO companies in Dubai helping small and large businesses climb up the ranking parameters. However, there is nothing better than an SEO Company in Dubai that provides you regular reports on the progress.  Cosmos Star Consultants is a Dubai SEO services company that helps businesses improve their websites’ ranking on the SERP page to generate greater traffic and conversions. We have therefore compiled a list of some of the top free SEO tools to generate and track better on-page process and outcome.

1. Wordstream

This is a free keyword tool that you can use to extract relevant keyword ideas from a vast database of gazillion unique searches. It outperforms many paid tools available online.

2. Keyword Eye Basic

This visual keyword suggestion tool is perfect for brainstorming sessions.

3. YouTube Keyword Tool

You can use YouTube Keyword Tool to conduct keyword research for various forms of content including video content.

4. Übersuggest

Übersuggest utilizes the "Suggest" data from Google and others. A terrific tool for developing long-tail phrases.

5. Copyscape

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker tool. It lets you enter a URL to detect duplicate content thus preventing dubious content generation.

Cosmos Start Consultants provides comprehensive SEO Services in Dubai. SEO in Dubai has become cluttered and we differentiate ourselves as a reliable Dubai SEO services company. Our expertise lies in providing performant, and advanced SEO services including original and engaging content generation.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Want To Build SEO Authority for Your Website? Here Is a #NoFollow List

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Search Engine Optimization is as huge a field as the space. And what makes SEO similar to space are the ongoing Panda updates from Google. The online medium is crammed up with bogus information pertaining to SEO. We, therefore, have compiled a list of things that actually don’t work to build SEO authority for your website.

More pages means more traffic

Many believe that getting more traffic to one’s website is possible by just increasing the page count. Creating content only to increase pages does not give results. To get more traffic, it is important to focus on the content quality, and not quantity. Creating numerous pages that lack good content deteriorates a website’s ranking on SERP.

Top rankings means greater traffic

Top ranking parameters may certainly give you greater visibility but that does not mean greater traffic or click-through rates. There are 2 reasons for this argument-
  • Following an inappropriate keyword strategy where you try to rank for keywords which don’t have any association with your field.
  • Lack of user appeal in your meta descriptions
The solution is to use Google Adwords to create a proper keyword strategy related to your business. Ensure to use appealing meta descriptions to get people to the site.
Tip- It is a good rule of thumb to think about what would entice you to click through.
Large scale guest blogging builds SEO authority
In the times of yore, before Penguin 2.0 was launched, people carelessly wrote content even irrelevant to their field just to get a backlink. Guest blogging is a different scenario now where Google prefers those websites that receive guest posts from highly authoritative and relevant websites.
Contact us and we will help you prepare and execute a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization program.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Are Your Content Marketing Efforts In Alignment With the Phantom?

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You must be aware of Google’s ruthless “Phantom Update” which hit in early May; perhaps you might have even experienced the consequences of the same. This blog specifically aims to refine your content marketing strategy such that it meets the standards of The Phantom Update considering that content is the main aspect of your digital marketing plan.

Avoid Duplicate posts-

The Phantom strictly abhors duplicate content retrieved from multiple sites. It also punishes near-duplicate content which is the result of mere rehashing of existing content with major chunk of content remaining copied. This is a common problem with e-commerce websites with thousands of SKUs.

Avoid “Low-Quality Content”

Creating “phantom-friendly” content requires you to understand what to avoid. For instance, the primary sites targeted were those which contained low-quality how-to content, and click bait articles. Some even had pages of stacked videos, pages difficult to navigate, and sites filled with irrelevant supplementary information. Do you know what all of them have in common? Sufficient amount of “thin content”. It is content which has no real value.


Be regular in adding unique content bits; rewrite the descriptions as new and always try to make your content 100% plagiarism free.


You must be aware of web pages which just dump copied content from other websites. They are known as “Doorway pages”, used for spamdexing. It is often done to deceive the visitors who are looking for particular information and land up on a page consisting of irrelevant information. It also deters rather than improving your SEO content marketing efforts.

An efficient SEO strategy always emphasizes on creation of genuine content.

Feel free to consult our Dubai SEO Services company on the same.

Monday 22 June 2015

Why E-Mail Marketing Is One Of The Most Cost-effective Marketing Gimmick?

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How are your able to lure customers with sophisticated list management, long and short copy, and stunning videos; all at one go? With the help of email marketing. (And not to forget, you can achieve all this at lower cost than many comparative marketing modes.)

Features of email marketing which differentiates it as a marketing tool-

List management and segmentation- Splitting your lists enable better targeting and garners more new subscribers to your website.

World map of subscribers- This feature enables you to locate your email marketing subscribers.

Instant email campaign reports (Google analytics-enhanced customer tracking) - This enables identifying and responding to the person who forwarded your email. You will also know the bounce rate of your emails and more such real-time data reports.

If you are looking for comprehensive Email Marketing Services, we are happy to serve you with realistic methodologies to give you results. Whether it is Bulk Email Marketing, creating and implementing effective Email Marketing Strategies or creating engaging Email Marketing Campaigns; we will do it for you.

Importance of email marketing templates-
Your brand identity comes as the 1st impression. It is something your subscribers and customers must remember. And that happens when your templates are not just eye-candy but intellectually demanding. We offer customized email marketing templates. This stimulates the interest buds of the person whenever he sees your template. Due to its unique appeal, the brand gets nailed into the minds of the customer.

Eager to get started? Contact us and receive the best assistance.

Friday 15 May 2015

What Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update Means For Marketers and Brands?

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Social media marketing is obviously subjected to many changes and is verily affected by algorithmic updates of social medial platforms. There’s much focus concentrated on Google updates, however, social media updates are equally important for marketers. In this blog you will learn about what Facebook’s latest algorithm update means for marketers.


Facebook's new attempt is to balance content received in the news feed from friends and other pages.

Facebook’s update aims towards “prioritization” of content from friends over brand pages.

What impact this will have on your social media strategy?
The impact of these changes may need you to tweak your social media (give link to smo page) strategies considerably.

It will have a considerable impact on your page’s distribution which will differ considerably based on your audience and posting activity. In certain cases, post reach as well as referral traffic can see potential declines.

Tip- Your pages must regularly include posts which your target audience find meaningful.

How will it affect marketers? 

We already know the dwindling efforts of Facebook’s “free reach to users” facility over the last few years. The recent change points to Facebook’s efforts to push heavily for paid social reach.

In simple words, Facebook is emulating Google by asking brands to pay more to reach targeted users; coherently also enhancing user experience.

Much like Google encourages best practice in search; Facebook will encourage brands to produce content on their pages that people will actually want to see, creating a better user experience for Facebook in general. 

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Tuesday 14 April 2015

How Digital Thank You Notes Help Establish A Loyal Customer Base?

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A thank you note is always beneficial in every aspect of life. And this concept is no alien to social media strategies.

Here, we shall discuss how using social media, you can send thank you notes to build a loyal customer base.

Don’t lax:

Many businesses tend to lax while sending “thank you” notes. However, don’t forget that customers are emotional people. And there is no better way to earn their loyalty than expressing gratitude towards them.

How Facebook can be used to generate personalized thank you notes?

Facebook can be used to send and share personalized thank you notes.
Let’s understand through a few illustrations-

Restaurant chain | Thank you note

Thanks to Wilbur Hans (regular customer) for telling us that our pasta tastes the best! We invite you for a mouthwatering meal under a lovely evening roof. Awaiting your visit again!

Bank | Thank you note

Thanks to Mrs. Shae Wilbert for staying invested in our bank for 7 years now. We have organized a small party for our loyal customers and you are invited!

One great benefit of digital thank yous” is-

Unlike traditional thank you cards, social or digital "thank yous" are likely to attract instant replies like “"you're welcome". This enhances conversations which ultimately lead to the spread of brand’s goodwill around a greater community.

Bonus tips:

You can make your own digital thank you cards. For instance, Red Stamp app for iOS lets you create real cards and send them. It also allows you to create free digital versions.

You can select from a great variety of thank you card templates available online.

Make thank you notes as a crucial part of your Social Media Strategy

So don’t forget to say…

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Thursday 19 March 2015

Content Writing Lessons For the B2C Marketers From The Expert

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“Nothing is better learned than watching the masters do it”. In this blog, you are about to witness the content writing lessons from a brand who is just doing it perfectly.

Don’t compare reality with myth:

Some may think that content has taken a backseat on the basis of the perception that visuals rather than words provide enhanced brand experience.
However, the truth is that visuals are successful when backed by well articulated brand vision through alluring copy.

Content writing lessons for the B2C Marketers: Red Bull

The below picture would seem as dull as an empty skull if posted with a caption like: “Kim Miller’s cool jump #snowboarding.” 

However, Red Bull opts for: “Boy, rise for the #HippieJump as done by Kim Miller #snowboard”

Some may say, “What in the world is #HippieJump?

However, that’s the crux. I’m not the target audience here. Red Bull knows their target audience. I am a nudnik; however, it may just purposely appeal me. And that is called great copywriting or content writing. It is about knowing your audience well and making the required minute edits which build loyal fans.

Why knowing your audience is important?

It is what makes risk-taking easier. Brands which are ignorant about their audience get lost in the pool due to dull and generic content creation. Great brands don’t appeal to everyone which increases their chances of success.

Why content has a significant importance in brand’s continuity?
It is widely acknowledged that a brand’s continuity depends on its ability to proclaim a singular voice to be easily understood and remembered by the target audience.

Need any help for effective content creation? Visit here.

Thursday 12 February 2015

Client Case Study - Russian Network

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With growing numbers of Russian tourists and residents in Dubai, Cosmos dedicated network offers luxury brands the chance to reach this particular audience through several targeting channels such as Women/ Lifestyle, Business, Travel, Social…etc
UAE Unique Visitors : 360, 000
UAE Page Views/Impressions: 3.6 Million                       
Targeting: behavioral targeting and channel/category targeting

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Who’s Really Using Social Media in 2015 - Source

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How will the social landscape change over the next two years as social sharing and communication technologies continue to evolve? Data from eMarketer show which networks will continue to gain momentum, while others necessarily lose ground. But in spite of talk about Facebook killers, that behemoth and its top competitors are not going anywhere.

While Facebook continues to lead the market, mobile social networking is growing, where Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are all significant players.

Here's a breakdown of how eMarketer predicts market share will change for different U.S. demographics for the top social nets over 2015 and 2016.

Monday 9 February 2015

Have A Yearning For Multi-Angled Videos? The Wait Is Over

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Social media marketing is going to get a new avatar. This is so because there is going to be the birth of multi-angled videos.

Yes! You Will Be Able To Upload Videos with Multi-Angled Views:

YouTube has announced a novel feature this Wednesday. The feature is such that it allows users to upload videos with multiple camera angles. Viewers will then be able to toggle camera angles and that too on the fly. This all will happen while you watch the video!

What’s so special about this new feature?
It means that you will be now able to watch things differently. If you want to have a practical experience then watch the above video and you’ll know. In the video you’ll see a performance by Madilyn Bailey-the Titanium girl. What’s new in the video? Other than scintillating performance by Bailey, you’ll be able to view the video from 4 different angles!

Hence, it will make Social Media Marketing for companies more alluring. This mechanism when made public definitely has the potential to generate more views and therefore enhance the outcome of your social media strategies.

The wait is still on…for the rest:

For the rest we mean those living outside U.S for now. It’s because, this facility is currently available to only the desktop users in U.S.

Also currently, it is only Madilyn Bailey, the Titanium girl who currently uses the feature. She is an indie artist selected by YouTube for a test run.

However, Bailey is a polar singer having around 2 million YouTube subscribers. Her most popular videos include Titanium, which received close to 50 million views!

This feature when made public will definitely give birth to a new way to connect to your target audience. It will change the way social media marketing is done. It will enable people, companies, brands and artists to connect with their target customers and fans as much as possible. And the experience, let alone, will be incredible!

Are you looking to start or level-up your social media marketing services? Contact us. Also you can share your comments below.

Advantages of Mobile Advertising

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Mobile was once an afterthought in the advertising world — but today, brands are perking up and paying attention, as mobile is growing faster than all other digital advertising formats in the US. With new smartphone releases, most clients are developing a mobile strategy. And while advertisers agree the platform has a ways to go before they can develop a viable advertising strategy, more and more marketers want in on the mobile game.
The dilemma is that traditional methods of advertising often don't translate well on mobile — and there's far less screen space on mobile than desktop. It's clear that brands and advertisers will need to get creative in order to develop successful mobile strategies.

But BI Intelligence expects that this gap will narrow substantially, as enthusiasm grows for mobile-optimized ad formats (such as interactive rich media and native ads), as targeting improves, and more and more advertisers learn how to effectively use the platform.

In-app mobile ads perform much better than mobile web ads, and ad spend will likely follow performance and usage. In-app click-through rates averaged 0.56% globally compared to 0.23% for mobile web ads during the first half of the year, according to Medialets.

Ads on apps get much higher click-throughs than ads on the mobile Web: 0.58% on apps vs. only 0.23% on the mobile Web.
It’s worth noting that travel and entertainment ads do especially well, getting about a 60% higher click-through rate than ads for retail, automotive, and other categories. That’s probably no surprise, given that people are using smartphones on the go.

Thursday 29 January 2015

Is your Blogging engaging?

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Does it keep for readers come back more?

Here are 4 ways to update your blog to improve the user experience

1.    Display content with cards
When you see the cards design, you probably think of Pinterest—bits of visual information at the reader’s fingertips. That’s why the card design is also effective for blogs to showcase multiple posts. A card design helps marketers showcase multiple pieces of content in a visually appealing way.

2.    Implement Responsive Design
Many people read blog content on the go—during their commute.
According to a Google study on mobile sites, 79% of users who don’t like what they find on a mobile site will look for the information they need on another site. Additionally, 52% of users said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.

3.    Personalize your Blog Content
It is important when you cater to multiple audiences, whether it’s different ages, specialties or roles within a company.
You give users a better experience by engaging them immediately and showing them targeted content.
This is great for testing and analytics, and allows them to segment interests and content even better.

4.    Include Interactive story telling
Readers now look for interactive elements within the blog posts. Find ways to incorporate them into your blog post design, whether it’s GIFs or special graphics that add to the article, Info-graphics to supplement the material or an actual interactive adventure.
Using new ways to engage audience helps in getting them to come back for more.