Thursday 24 December 2015

Search Engine Optimization: It’s Time You Optimize For Mobile Or Get Lost

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There are many avenues you can choose to generate traffic and conversion for your band. However, know that more than 15% of online traffic comes from mobile.

Why mobile optimization is important?
Besides the fact that 15% of online search traffic comes through mobile, Google has actually started deprioritizing websites as well as blogs that are not mobile optimized. That means if your site is not mobile optimized, it will dwindle your website’s search rankings when someone searches through his or her mobile device. And many do search through their mobiles than desktops or laptops especially when they’re travelling and hanging out.
Increasing mobile users
2012 witnessed the number of worldwide internet users grow by 8% to 2.4 billion users. More interesting was the increased number of mobile users- 1.5 billion global subscribers, a hike from 1.1 billion in 2011. This is an impressive 30% growth.

More and more people are using smartphones with every passing year. According to eMarketer, number of smartphone users globally will surpass 2 billion. This foretells the huge smartphone rate potential. And it is obvious that at this rate, most number of people will be browsing most of the time through their mobiles.

Mobile users are more action-oriented

Cosmos Star Consultants in an online marketing company UAE providing SEO Dubai services. It brings to our notice a vital insight-

It often happens that you have done everything required to optimize your content for web. However, you don’t see improved traffic on your website still. You don’t see growing numbers of people searching and reading content online. Many a times the reason is common yet forgotten- website not mobile optimized. You see, mobile users are more action-oriented than the desktop counterparts. If you want action to happen, it 

happens more on mobile!