Wednesday 30 January 2013

HTML5 Microdata for SEO and Website Design

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HTML5 Microdata
So far, microdata has been most thoroughly implemented in the case of recipes. Now, you can search Google for recipes and sort them by caloric information, cook time, user rating, ingredients, and many other factors besides.However, it’s only a matter of time before microdata implementation becomes standard industry practice for all sorts of information. The vocabulary is there to tag with microdata people, places, specific types of businesses, products, prices, reviews, phone numbers, and much more besides. The major search giants have partnered together to create a website called, which contains a complete listing of all supported microdata tags and instructions on how to implement them.

Perhaps the most interesting and most misunderstood new feature that HTML5 brings to web development and SEO is microdata. What is microdata? Microdata is a new set of vocabulary in HTML5 that allows web development companies to semantically tag information in such a way that it can be understood not only by humans, but also by search engines like Google and Bing. This in turns allows search engines to display information more intelligently.The SEO benefit to this is that Google has started rewarding website design companies who use microdata by displaying their websites’ information in search results more prominently than others.

HTML 5 for SEOThese microdata-enhanced listings are displayed above the standard blue-link search results, giving them coveted first-place status on Google. On top of that, eye-tracking studies show that users tend to spend most of their time looking at and clicking on enhanced search results anyway, which means that if Google displays your microdata-enhanced listing, it will be given a twofold advantage over other websites’ search listings.

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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Do I Need SEO for My Local Business?

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There are a million websites on the Internet and the number continues to increase with every passing minute. The importance of well-integrated website design has grown radically. We see a huge number of websites competing with each other, thus, making optimization an immensely valuable tool. Search engine optimization refers to an increase in the amount of traffic to a particular website. This is done with the help of search engines so that the website appears in the top 10 results. The technique is to use natural, organic, or algorithmic search results. Read on to know why has SEO become a must for local businesses, and how it can be achieved.
SEO services in Dubai

Use your location in the keywords: When you make use of the location it becomes a lot easier for people to find your place and the work that you offer. For example, if you are in Dubai and you sell mobile covers, your highlighted keyword would be “Dubai mobile covers” as it will include your work profile as well as your location.

Use meta-tags: Meta-tags are a great tool to attract traffic on your website. They help to improve your standings in search engines that use them. You should make use of them when you want to gather more page views. Therefore, they provide vital information to customers about what exactly is the website all about.

Quality content is a must: If you are absolutely serious about optimizing your website, you should ensure that the website has quality content. For high traffic ranking, the content should be useful and should talk about the very intention and function of the website. Creating high quality and important content is a primal rule to add to the hits on the website.

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Draw on social media: Social media can help drive much more traffic to a website than search engines. Thus, make use of Facebook, Twitter, and several other social networking sites to boost your sales and promote your business for free. What’s more, you can reach the exact audience you’re looking out for without putting in too much effort. In fact, the local groups on various social sites are a great boon as the members are primarily from the same local region you are targeting.

Include original content together with keyword optimization and it is sure to attract quality traffic to your website. All the best!