Tuesday 18 August 2015

Want To Build SEO Authority for Your Website? Here Is a #NoFollow List

Posted by Cosmos Star Consultant on 02:44 with 10 comments
Search Engine Optimization is as huge a field as the space. And what makes SEO similar to space are the ongoing Panda updates from Google. The online medium is crammed up with bogus information pertaining to SEO. We, therefore, have compiled a list of things that actually don’t work to build SEO authority for your website.

More pages means more traffic

Many believe that getting more traffic to one’s website is possible by just increasing the page count. Creating content only to increase pages does not give results. To get more traffic, it is important to focus on the content quality, and not quantity. Creating numerous pages that lack good content deteriorates a website’s ranking on SERP.

Top rankings means greater traffic

Top ranking parameters may certainly give you greater visibility but that does not mean greater traffic or click-through rates. There are 2 reasons for this argument-
  • Following an inappropriate keyword strategy where you try to rank for keywords which don’t have any association with your field.
  • Lack of user appeal in your meta descriptions
The solution is to use Google Adwords to create a proper keyword strategy related to your business. Ensure to use appealing meta descriptions to get people to the site.
Tip- It is a good rule of thumb to think about what would entice you to click through.
Large scale guest blogging builds SEO authority
In the times of yore, before Penguin 2.0 was launched, people carelessly wrote content even irrelevant to their field just to get a backlink. Guest blogging is a different scenario now where Google prefers those websites that receive guest posts from highly authoritative and relevant websites.
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