Tuesday 7 June 2016

Search Engine Optimization Has Nothing To Do With Social Media?

Posted by Cosmos Star Consultant on 06:05 with 86 comments
Prior to the advent of social media players like Twitter and Facebook, search engine optimization was the sole medium to gain traffic in an organic manner. Today, you will often hear the buzz of social media almost everywhere. So does that mean social media has been successful to blur the line between SEO and social media? Let’s hear the experts.

Expert opinion

There is one band of experts that agree SEO and social media are two different subjects. However, the truth sways on the other side. Take the example of Google. Google created its own social media network- Google Plus that helps the search engine to get more traction or traffic. It is obvious that if you or your brand can get adequate number of people to talk about your product or service which has a link to your company’s website, interested people will click on the link to know more about your brand or company. This means greater number of people browsing your website which is the ultimate aim of search engine optimization process. Also as the traffic on your website increases, so does increases the chances of your website getting pushed to better visibility i.e. enhanced ranking on search pages.

Hence, we can say that social media definitely affects your search engine optimization outcome. And the line between SEO and social media is becoming thinner with time.

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