Tuesday 19 April 2016

2 Search Engine Optimization Myths One Must Evade

Posted by Cosmos Star Consultant on 03:25 with 11 comments
Myth of Fact? It is time you stop believing the falsities of search engine optimization and start investing time productively to gain SEO benefits. Below are the SEO myths you should stop believing and following right now.

1.    It is only the top rank position that matters

You will find many articles on the net that focus on the importance of being present on the first page of search results. However, credible research studies prove that users many a times scroll down for other results as the top link does not always possess the information they are looking for. Therefore, ranking on the top of second page for instance is quite helpful to gain traffic. Also Google nowadays places the underdog results on various social recommendation pages and local pages. Hence, there are many avenues through which you can gain traffic and leads, and being a top ranker is no longer crucial.

2.    Incredible SEO outcome is possible without help

One cannot expect great results from simple SEO techniques learnt and executed. SEO is complex and only a skilled professional knows the various SEO touch points like online marketing, PR skills, coding and other technical aspects. Most business owners don’t own the expertise to conduct comprehensive SEO processes without which it produces no good outcome. As a result, businesses take help of professional SEO agencies that give good results. In this way the business owner can also focus on core tasks like searching for business opportunities, expansion and so on.

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