Tuesday 19 January 2016

Do You Need An SEO Consultant?

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Many have questions whether after installing a WordPress SEO Plugin, you need an SEO consultant or not? The answer is you need an SEO consultant.

Installing a plugin does not automate SEO-

Installing a WordPress SEO plugin does not mean SEO is automated. SEO is a continuous process and not a set-and-forget mechanism. And for any process, manual intervention is required. Similarly, an SEO consultant is required to weave the fabric of SEO process into your ongoing marketing efforts to churn results.

There’s no one plugin to do it all-

SEO is a long process, and quite comprehensive. If you are searching for a WordPress plugin that can manage entire SEO for your website, you’re shooting in the dark.

You need an SEO consultant, a specialist that understands organic search process thoroughly. He knows how to strengthen your SEO marketing efforts without highly raising your marketing budgets. It is important you maintain a long-term relationship with your SEO consultant to ensure the best results.

Further are some important points to remember before you install new plugins-
  • Your website code is altered whenever you install new plugin or upgrade WordPress. The resulting changes can impact your website’s SEO account negatively leading to poor rankings. In this case, the expert advice of your SEO consultant will be the wisest decision.
  • After you install new plugins, run periodic SEO audits. This ensures your website remains always optimized. It also enables you to stay updated with the latest SEO happenings thus keeping you all equipped to adapt to fast changing SEO environment.
  • When you have an SEO consultant, you can always rely on his accurate advice and guidance. This helps to improve organic traffic for your website with returns much greater than investment over a period of time.
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