Wednesday 4 May 2016

What To Do When SEO Efforts Fail To Show Outcome For Long?

Posted by Cosmos Star Consultant on 02:18 with 45 comments

If you think your SEO efforts are proving to give no significant results, then something is wrong. Many a times the cause for such instances is when people believe in the outdated SEO methodologies and only execute those without getting an SEO specialist onboard. Read on to know the outdated SEO methodologies you cannot solely depend on to get results; also known as SEO frauds.

Fraud 1- Make your domain keyword rich to get better rankings
The dotcom days are long gone. It was the period when your URL was considered top priority. However, today Google bots only hover around the actual content of your pages rather than domain names. The latter is important as it helps users relate at an early stage but it has no role improving rankings.

Fraud 2- You need to spend lot of time for site submissions to search engines

It was a case before where you had to submit your URL forms to all search engines including Google. However, today that process is needless. Search engines today use crawlers that are smart enough to take notice of any new website that comes up in few days.

Fraud 3- Submit a sitemap to enhance your rankings

I have seen many site owners submitting their sitemap every time any change is made. However, it is an unnecessary task as it has no effect on your rankings. If your website has all the links going to the right pages, you don’t need to submit sitemap.

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