Tuesday 14 April 2015

How Digital Thank You Notes Help Establish A Loyal Customer Base?

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A thank you note is always beneficial in every aspect of life. And this concept is no alien to social media strategies.

Here, we shall discuss how using social media, you can send thank you notes to build a loyal customer base.

Don’t lax:

Many businesses tend to lax while sending “thank you” notes. However, don’t forget that customers are emotional people. And there is no better way to earn their loyalty than expressing gratitude towards them.

How Facebook can be used to generate personalized thank you notes?

Facebook can be used to send and share personalized thank you notes.
Let’s understand through a few illustrations-

Restaurant chain | Thank you note

Thanks to Wilbur Hans (regular customer) for telling us that our pasta tastes the best! We invite you for a mouthwatering meal under a lovely evening roof. Awaiting your visit again!

Bank | Thank you note

Thanks to Mrs. Shae Wilbert for staying invested in our bank for 7 years now. We have organized a small party for our loyal customers and you are invited!

One great benefit of digital thank yous” is-

Unlike traditional thank you cards, social or digital "thank yous" are likely to attract instant replies like “"you're welcome". This enhances conversations which ultimately lead to the spread of brand’s goodwill around a greater community.

Bonus tips:

You can make your own digital thank you cards. For instance, Red Stamp app for iOS lets you create real cards and send them. It also allows you to create free digital versions.

You can select from a great variety of thank you card templates available online.

Make thank you notes as a crucial part of your Social Media Strategy

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