Tuesday 20 September 2016

Why Do Websites Need To Be Search Engine Optimized?

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SEO was overlooked by many businesses and individuals until a few years ago. However, today, with more number of users looking for solutions online, search engine optimization is one of the most prominent ways to be visible online. As a business or blogger you need to ensure your target audience is able to see and reach you online before your competitor. Let’s understand why is SEO so important?

SEO helps to track useful keywords

Keywords and backlinks form a major part of SEO process. In SEO, the main keywords that users type in the search bar are tracked and included in the various content snippets- descriptions, blogs, SEM copies, etc.

This process helps the business to enhance visibility parameters for their websites online. This leads to more traffic and eventually conversions.

Tip- The simpler the code and the faster the loading time of your server, the better website ranking on the search engine results page.

Search Engine Optimization today | SEO Company in Dubai

Over the years, SEO has evolved and continues to. Newer SEO techniques are being developed on a regular basis to help businesses and individuals achieve greater search engine rankings. SEO is the most prominent organic solution today if you want to stand out from the large pool of websites online at low costs.

Monday 15 August 2016

3 Digital Marketing Myths One Should Stay Avoid

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In this digitally driven world, there are lot of misconceptions floating around that pretend to drive faster growth of a brand. Here are some common ones we all should avoid.

1.    Digital marketing gives fewer results and takes more time

Beginners especially fall into this perception of believing that digital marketing is a more time consuming process and gives hardly any results. However, there’s no short cut to success online except PPC marketing which requires lot of money to drive better results. When you start online marketing for your business, you will have to wait for results. Perhaps you can rework on your strategy after watching few outcomes. This can lead to better results. After a certain period of time, the flow of business begins, and you will notice much better lead and revenue generation than any other off line means.

2.    You have to invest lump sum money in the process

Another misconception which again forces beginners to believe that digital marketing is a very costly deal. Some people believe digital marketing gives considerate results only if you invest a large part of your marketing budget. However, it is not true. You can expect greater results whether you are investing a nominal proportion of your marketing budget on digital or hiring a digital marketing expert.

3.    SEO is Dead | SEO Dubai

No it is not! In fact the on-page SEO techniques where you work on meta tags and keywords still hold importance especially for search engines like Google. They enable search crawlers to index and show the best results as the user types in his search query.

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Wednesday 20 July 2016

Why Should Small Businesses Get Expert SEO services?

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Search Engine Optimization is the process that helps you lead your website to a higher rank on the search engine results page. SEO and marketing are considered inseparable concepts. It is therefore important to consider it as an integral part of your communications and marketing strategy. But how can small business execute SEO without proper expertise? The only way to save resources, time, and energy is by hiring an SEO firm. Small businesses have many reasons to get their SEO requirement outsourced to an expert like-

1.    SEO isn’t easy

SEO can’t be learned after reading a few articles online.Anyone can learn to manage keyword research, figure out keyword density, put out links and things like that.However, SEO processes are a lot more complex. A successful SEO strategy consist of many facets that help increase your website rank on the search engine results page which only an SEO expert knows of.

2.    They know the future | SEO Services in Dubai

SEO experts know what cannot work and what can. They are quick to discard the myths of SEO, and help you understand and execute real and futuristic SEO tactics.

3.    Protects employee productivity

One cannot learn SEO overnight, not even in a fortnight. It’s a long process that will require your employees to do a lot of research, and figure out the multitude of old SEO strategies which are no longer effective. This will waste enough money and time which can be avoided by hiring an SEO expert or firm. In this way, your employees can continue to do their jobs without affecting individual productivity.

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Tuesday 7 June 2016

Search Engine Optimization Has Nothing To Do With Social Media?

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Prior to the advent of social media players like Twitter and Facebook, search engine optimization was the sole medium to gain traffic in an organic manner. Today, you will often hear the buzz of social media almost everywhere. So does that mean social media has been successful to blur the line between SEO and social media? Let’s hear the experts.

Expert opinion

There is one band of experts that agree SEO and social media are two different subjects. However, the truth sways on the other side. Take the example of Google. Google created its own social media network- Google Plus that helps the search engine to get more traction or traffic. It is obvious that if you or your brand can get adequate number of people to talk about your product or service which has a link to your company’s website, interested people will click on the link to know more about your brand or company. This means greater number of people browsing your website which is the ultimate aim of search engine optimization process. Also as the traffic on your website increases, so does increases the chances of your website getting pushed to better visibility i.e. enhanced ranking on search pages.

Hence, we can say that social media definitely affects your search engine optimization outcome. And the line between SEO and social media is becoming thinner with time.

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Wednesday 4 May 2016

What To Do When SEO Efforts Fail To Show Outcome For Long?

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If you think your SEO efforts are proving to give no significant results, then something is wrong. Many a times the cause for such instances is when people believe in the outdated SEO methodologies and only execute those without getting an SEO specialist onboard. Read on to know the outdated SEO methodologies you cannot solely depend on to get results; also known as SEO frauds.

Fraud 1- Make your domain keyword rich to get better rankings
The dotcom days are long gone. It was the period when your URL was considered top priority. However, today Google bots only hover around the actual content of your pages rather than domain names. The latter is important as it helps users relate at an early stage but it has no role improving rankings.

Fraud 2- You need to spend lot of time for site submissions to search engines

It was a case before where you had to submit your URL forms to all search engines including Google. However, today that process is needless. Search engines today use crawlers that are smart enough to take notice of any new website that comes up in few days.

Fraud 3- Submit a sitemap to enhance your rankings

I have seen many site owners submitting their sitemap every time any change is made. However, it is an unnecessary task as it has no effect on your rankings. If your website has all the links going to the right pages, you don’t need to submit sitemap.

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Tuesday 19 April 2016

2 Search Engine Optimization Myths One Must Evade

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Myth of Fact? It is time you stop believing the falsities of search engine optimization and start investing time productively to gain SEO benefits. Below are the SEO myths you should stop believing and following right now.

1.    It is only the top rank position that matters

You will find many articles on the net that focus on the importance of being present on the first page of search results. However, credible research studies prove that users many a times scroll down for other results as the top link does not always possess the information they are looking for. Therefore, ranking on the top of second page for instance is quite helpful to gain traffic. Also Google nowadays places the underdog results on various social recommendation pages and local pages. Hence, there are many avenues through which you can gain traffic and leads, and being a top ranker is no longer crucial.

2.    Incredible SEO outcome is possible without help

One cannot expect great results from simple SEO techniques learnt and executed. SEO is complex and only a skilled professional knows the various SEO touch points like online marketing, PR skills, coding and other technical aspects. Most business owners don’t own the expertise to conduct comprehensive SEO processes without which it produces no good outcome. As a result, businesses take help of professional SEO agencies that give good results. In this way the business owner can also focus on core tasks like searching for business opportunities, expansion and so on.

We are an SEO Company in Dubai that help small, medium and large businesses achieve their SEO targets with good outcome.

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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Search Engine Optimization Solutions To Improve Social Media Results

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Social media results are incomplete without well-laid ‘search’ mechanism. Search engine optimization not only improves your ranking and visibility over search engines like Google but also across social media platforms like Facebook. In this article we share some easy solutions to improve Facebook visibility.

Think SEO in whatever you do
Write posts including search-based-hashtags like #buybagsonline if you are promoting the feature of online buying of bags. This should not be restricted to posts but also status updates, notes as well as links. You never know how these search supported algorithms might just help a person who is searching for related terms to know about your product, service or website!

For the business minded
Now for those who are using Facebook to gain business, here is a fact that needs widely open and attentive ears and eyes. Make sure that every piece of external content be it a post, blog, or news article is optimized for relative keywords particularly the title tag of the article.

To reach your audience fast!
Post such that the call to action is visible in the title tag itself. This makes it easier for search robots to give your post prior prominence in search results so that interested people can quickly access your Facebook page. (For this it is important your readers know what your Facebook page, post or blog is about; that’s why the recommendation of call to action and main keyword in the title.)

We realize the reluctance in giving up control over something so sensitive and most valuable-your business social media page and SEO process. We are a reliable Social Media Company trusted for providing increased business without any business or reputational damage.

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