Thursday 19 March 2015

Content Writing Lessons For the B2C Marketers From The Expert

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“Nothing is better learned than watching the masters do it”. In this blog, you are about to witness the content writing lessons from a brand who is just doing it perfectly.

Don’t compare reality with myth:

Some may think that content has taken a backseat on the basis of the perception that visuals rather than words provide enhanced brand experience.
However, the truth is that visuals are successful when backed by well articulated brand vision through alluring copy.

Content writing lessons for the B2C Marketers: Red Bull

The below picture would seem as dull as an empty skull if posted with a caption like: “Kim Miller’s cool jump #snowboarding.” 

However, Red Bull opts for: “Boy, rise for the #HippieJump as done by Kim Miller #snowboard”

Some may say, “What in the world is #HippieJump?

However, that’s the crux. I’m not the target audience here. Red Bull knows their target audience. I am a nudnik; however, it may just purposely appeal me. And that is called great copywriting or content writing. It is about knowing your audience well and making the required minute edits which build loyal fans.

Why knowing your audience is important?

It is what makes risk-taking easier. Brands which are ignorant about their audience get lost in the pool due to dull and generic content creation. Great brands don’t appeal to everyone which increases their chances of success.

Why content has a significant importance in brand’s continuity?
It is widely acknowledged that a brand’s continuity depends on its ability to proclaim a singular voice to be easily understood and remembered by the target audience.

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