Monday 22 June 2015

Why E-Mail Marketing Is One Of The Most Cost-effective Marketing Gimmick?

Posted by Cosmos Star Consultant on 00:27 with 36 comments
How are your able to lure customers with sophisticated list management, long and short copy, and stunning videos; all at one go? With the help of email marketing. (And not to forget, you can achieve all this at lower cost than many comparative marketing modes.)

Features of email marketing which differentiates it as a marketing tool-

List management and segmentation- Splitting your lists enable better targeting and garners more new subscribers to your website.

World map of subscribers- This feature enables you to locate your email marketing subscribers.

Instant email campaign reports (Google analytics-enhanced customer tracking) - This enables identifying and responding to the person who forwarded your email. You will also know the bounce rate of your emails and more such real-time data reports.

If you are looking for comprehensive Email Marketing Services, we are happy to serve you with realistic methodologies to give you results. Whether it is Bulk Email Marketing, creating and implementing effective Email Marketing Strategies or creating engaging Email Marketing Campaigns; we will do it for you.

Importance of email marketing templates-
Your brand identity comes as the 1st impression. It is something your subscribers and customers must remember. And that happens when your templates are not just eye-candy but intellectually demanding. We offer customized email marketing templates. This stimulates the interest buds of the person whenever he sees your template. Due to its unique appeal, the brand gets nailed into the minds of the customer.

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