Sunday 6 September 2015

Effective Link-Building Schemes To Boost Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

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In search engine optimization (SEO), do you know what a marketer’s most potent asset is? It is the inbound links. Off-page SEO undeniably accounts for a prominent role in boosting a web page’s rank for a specific keyword. Building relevant links to be channelled from external authoritative sites, must be a part of your SEO strategy. So let’s look at some key effective link-building schemes to boost your off-page search engine optimization outcomes.

Link-building schemes to boost Off-Page SEO:

Submission to authoritative website directories-

You have complete control over this particular link-building tactic, also mentioning its least influence when it comes to overall off-page search engine optimization. However, getting inbound links from sites that are highly authoritative is the first step towards jumpstarting your link-building efforts. Also the free websites make this tactic a go-getter.

Link bait content-

This refers to your ability to create remarkable content that influences others to willingly “link” with you. Now some label this with the term ‘link bait’ which simply means that your content is only there to attract attention and encourage users to link to your website. This is not at all the case. And if your content is naturally awesome and provides value to your target audience, why would you not want them to link to it? In fact great “link bait content” are often shared a lot, including various types of content like facts, infographics, viral videos, and controversial content.

Link building is “networking” -

Networking and relationship-building takes time. Here’s an effective trick. Start building relationships with relevant and influential bloggers in your industry who have authoritative and relevant websites through tweets. Engage them in “little link loves” by linking your blog to their content. Gradually, they will also link back to you when they find your content relevant to their audience!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Top Free Search engine Optimization Tools for On-Page Optimization

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Dubai consists of surplus of companies serving various purposes and competing with each other in various fields. Getting greater visibility online for a brand has become the top priority for owners and marketers considering significant user base spending their time online. There are many SEO companies in Dubai helping small and large businesses climb up the ranking parameters. However, there is nothing better than an SEO Company in Dubai that provides you regular reports on the progress.  Cosmos Star Consultants is a Dubai SEO services company that helps businesses improve their websites’ ranking on the SERP page to generate greater traffic and conversions. We have therefore compiled a list of some of the top free SEO tools to generate and track better on-page process and outcome.

1. Wordstream

This is a free keyword tool that you can use to extract relevant keyword ideas from a vast database of gazillion unique searches. It outperforms many paid tools available online.

2. Keyword Eye Basic

This visual keyword suggestion tool is perfect for brainstorming sessions.

3. YouTube Keyword Tool

You can use YouTube Keyword Tool to conduct keyword research for various forms of content including video content.

4. Übersuggest

Übersuggest utilizes the "Suggest" data from Google and others. A terrific tool for developing long-tail phrases.

5. Copyscape

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker tool. It lets you enter a URL to detect duplicate content thus preventing dubious content generation.

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