Tuesday, 17 November 2015

E-Commerce SEO Tips for 2016: Gather Your Wits Now!

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E-commerce is a billion dollar market. However, being a large money market, it becomes more difficult to outshine the competitors and be seen. How to be seen on search? Using SEO. But are your SEO efforts giving any output? Maybe, maybe not. This article is for everyone who want to enhance profits for their e-commerce businesses using Search Engine Optimization.

 #Tip 1- Know That SEO Impact Starts With URL and Website Information Structure

SEO Dubai is a highly competitive keyword. However, it is important to know that many SEO consultants are contacted far later in the website development process. Now this detrimental for an effective SEO outcome as content is created. Product or service catalogue is imported. Search engines or robots have indexed your website. Prospective customers are arriving and witnessing the internal structure; which can be a mess from an SEO standpoint.

Hence, it frustrates many SEO consultants, forcing clients to undergo an entire website makeover. Therefore, don’t forget to get all things right from the start before launching your website.

#Tip 2- Get all your teams working together

Ensure that your website designer, SEO specialist, and information architect work together from the start. This will lead to no frill execution where everything is planned to give an effective, better-optimized website which the prospective buyers can easily use.

#Tip 3- How to deal with duplicate content?

Some effective tips to eliminate duplicate content:
  • Use robots.txt to block areas that encourage duplicate content creation like archives, tags and certain category pages.
  • You can add nofollow attributes to links that point to areas of duplicate content. However, ensure you find each link that requires a nofollow (otherwise Google will find those).
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