Friday 15 May 2015

What Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update Means For Marketers and Brands?

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Social media marketing is obviously subjected to many changes and is verily affected by algorithmic updates of social medial platforms. There’s much focus concentrated on Google updates, however, social media updates are equally important for marketers. In this blog you will learn about what Facebook’s latest algorithm update means for marketers.


Facebook's new attempt is to balance content received in the news feed from friends and other pages.

Facebook’s update aims towards “prioritization” of content from friends over brand pages.

What impact this will have on your social media strategy?
The impact of these changes may need you to tweak your social media (give link to smo page) strategies considerably.

It will have a considerable impact on your page’s distribution which will differ considerably based on your audience and posting activity. In certain cases, post reach as well as referral traffic can see potential declines.

Tip- Your pages must regularly include posts which your target audience find meaningful.

How will it affect marketers? 

We already know the dwindling efforts of Facebook’s “free reach to users” facility over the last few years. The recent change points to Facebook’s efforts to push heavily for paid social reach.

In simple words, Facebook is emulating Google by asking brands to pay more to reach targeted users; coherently also enhancing user experience.

Much like Google encourages best practice in search; Facebook will encourage brands to produce content on their pages that people will actually want to see, creating a better user experience for Facebook in general. 

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