Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Are Your Content Marketing Efforts In Alignment With the Phantom?

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You must be aware of Google’s ruthless “Phantom Update” which hit in early May; perhaps you might have even experienced the consequences of the same. This blog specifically aims to refine your content marketing strategy such that it meets the standards of The Phantom Update considering that content is the main aspect of your digital marketing plan.

Avoid Duplicate posts-

The Phantom strictly abhors duplicate content retrieved from multiple sites. It also punishes near-duplicate content which is the result of mere rehashing of existing content with major chunk of content remaining copied. This is a common problem with e-commerce websites with thousands of SKUs.

Avoid “Low-Quality Content”

Creating “phantom-friendly” content requires you to understand what to avoid. For instance, the primary sites targeted were those which contained low-quality how-to content, and click bait articles. Some even had pages of stacked videos, pages difficult to navigate, and sites filled with irrelevant supplementary information. Do you know what all of them have in common? Sufficient amount of “thin content”. It is content which has no real value.


Be regular in adding unique content bits; rewrite the descriptions as new and always try to make your content 100% plagiarism free.


You must be aware of web pages which just dump copied content from other websites. They are known as “Doorway pages”, used for spamdexing. It is often done to deceive the visitors who are looking for particular information and land up on a page consisting of irrelevant information. It also deters rather than improving your SEO content marketing efforts.

An efficient SEO strategy always emphasizes on creation of genuine content.

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