Tuesday 4 December 2012

Why Digital Marketing Is a Better Platform for Your Brand

Posted by Cosmos Star Consultant on 05:01 with 5 comments
Digital marketing uses online distribution channels to advertise products and services to a target audience. Nowadays many companies and entrepreneurs are beginning to rely on digital platforms as a safer bet. The rise in marketing spends for the digital medium is increasing exponentially and is becoming the preferred choice for brands to launch their campaigns.

There are numerous advantages to launching advertisement campaigns on digital platforms, which are as follows:-

  • Feedback: Digital marketing helps companies get better feedback on their campaigns. It facilitates two-way communication between companies and consumers. This allows companies to have an interaction with their consumers rather than a one way broadcast.


  • Advertising to a target audience: Digital marketing is undoubtedly the best platform to advertise to the youth. Research has shown that the youth of today spends more time on the Internet than any other mass media. This form of marketing helps connect advertisers to the youth as well as other digital savvy parties, thus creating a two way medium that has a higher level of involvement. If consumers like the campaign, they share it. This works on the principle of “word of mouth”, a concept that does not apply much to TV and print media.


  • Cost effective: Thanks to the option of digital marketing, companies can make changes to their campaigns before investing heavily in other advertising channels. It has also helped companies gain immediate insight into consumer sentiments and effectively target the right audience. This in return has reduced media waste and has aided in decreasing costs.


  • Originality: Most consumers are still not accustomed to seeing advertisements on digital media platforms; therefore, the mere originality of this form of media appeals to people. This also helps generate awareness about the product or campaign.


The growing use of smartphones, broadband and social media has spurred brands to reinvent their marketing strategies in order to increase their campaigns’ reach and effectiveness. Not only does digital marketing increase the reach and cost-effectiveness of advertisement campaigns, but it also helps to make them more personal and relevant to consumers.




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