Wednesday 11 July 2012

Adwords, Promote Your Posts and the real value of the Digital MarketingAdviser

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The race to grab the lion’s share of those elusive eyeballs has been heating up in recent years. The two dominant players in the game have been upping the ante, firing salvo after salvo at each other. Both Facebook (the world’s most popular social media platform) and Google (the undisputed king of all things search) have been locked in this high intensity battle.

The Rankings Game:

For years, savvy marketers have been deploying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics in a bid to stay ahead of the competition. Every brand worth their reputation is engaged in a never ending game of rankings where the higher one goes, the better are the revenues. With, Social Marketing has been creating all the right buzz around the digital world and everyone has been keen to get their share of the pie, it was only a matter of time before the battle shifted here.

Advertising and the art of revenue generation:

Since the beginning, Facebook has been hard pressed to prove its worth as a revenue generating advertising platform. As it continues to grow in popularity and the world starts to revolve round likes and follows, dissent has been springing from the shadows. Just recently, the top automobile manufacturer – General Motors announced that it was pulling the plug on its advertising spends on Facebook. This came as grave news for the social media giant as it put a severe dent in its assault on Google’s hugely successful Adwords program.

Promote Your Post:

Seeking ways to stem the hemorrhaging, Facebook recently announced the launch of the ‘Promote Your Post (PYP)’ feature. Leveraging its advantage of being the gatekeeper to the vast amount of personally identifiable information of its billion plus members, the giant has chosen an interesting path. As per the information available, Promote Your Post functions around the fact that a promoted post wont just reach the followers of the promoter, but also the friends of their followers. This ‘revolutionary’ feature is said to offer a highly viral way of improving the reach of the brand under promotion, thereby giving maximum bang for the buck.

Standing Tall (Google Adwords):

The verdict is still out on the real-world effectiveness of this new feature. Especially considering that it appears to be a social take on the Google Adwords program. Such approaches and announcements are becoming rather common with each passing day. It is leading to what is being called as a marketing information overload. As brands grapple to understand which side they should play on, they are losing valuable time and money during the convoluted decision process. Priceless resources that’d be better off being deployed towards adding to the revenue bottom line.

Advisor, Friend and Guide:

It is where the value of a quality advisory partner is coming to the fore. Digital marketing advisors are perched at a perfect vantage point, to take stock of the situation. Through their years of experience and talented army of trained personnel, they are poised to perfection in their role as an advisor and guide through the marketing quagmire.

So the next time someone boasts that they don’t need the services of a dedicated marketing advisor smile politely and walk away. It is no point arguing with a fool, for they will only pull you down to their level and then beat you at it!

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  1. It's sure that leveraging its advantage of being the gatekeeper to the vast amount of personally identifiable information of its billion plus members, the giant has chosen an interesting path.
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