Sunday 4 March 2012

Social Media Optimization – A Boon or a Curse?

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Social Media has existed over the years but people have barely noticed their existence as a way to promote brands or businesses. Old school techniques usually involved blogs and forums (yes they do exist today). Individuals or businesses; both local or corporate would find a way to communicate with their fans, customers, communities or groups and keep them updated about events, meet-ups or happenings.

All of this changed when social media websites began to pop-up and were gladly accepted by the online community as a way to communicate with friends and family. Companies moved on to Facebook, Twitter etc. to connect to their customers and more importantly to get feedback related to their services. What makes social media so important today is that they allow businesses to find out statistics about their customer base and also learn about how they can improve and work on their services.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is here to stay and has helped thousands of businesses worldwide, get closer to their customers with the help of tools that have been developed by social media websites. Such tools allow businesses to set up a page of their own with a real person who handles the company’s image and handles queries from customers/users online. What this does is that it connects and gains a bigger customer-base and builds brand awareness on a personal level among customers who would recommend a page or product to their friends or family.

Yes! It is a boon, simply because companies know what is happening to their brands/products once they reach a consumer and brand-loyal consumers can easily be in-the-know about the latest updates via their social media pages. Moreover, companies can even promote an existing brand or product via their websites which works like an add-on bringing in web-traffic from the social arena online. SMO coupled with Search Engine Optimization work well together to bring-in traffic with help of the right keywords, website optimization and more importantly, the right and relevant content.

 SMO management is a service, which allows companies/businesses to hand over the job of maintaining, updating and bringing in more consumers to their websites to the digital and online media firms. Utilizing blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter, businesses can increase their popularity at start-up with a complete campaign or simply promote an existing product.

Businesses around the world today have launched campaigns with the help of SMO management techniques making the launch and product penetration grand and worthwhile.



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